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A touch paddle

 A super Touch paddle with extremely good emc performance.

It all started when my passion for QRQ cw increased and i do want to play with the "big" boys. Soon somebody told me that a paddle with spring returning was not good for more than 40 wpm. 

I did have a qso with a very good qrq op Dick SP9DBA and he did mention that he know a schematic for a paddle he have used for many years.  The schematic look like the one from QST 2004 july made by W8nue, and modified by DJ5IL. 

Dj5il tell a little about it here‎

Here the layout i did recieve from dick SP9DBA 



I did build it and one thing to be aware of is the wireing of the touch paddle themself to the board ...They have to be short and with a good distance to GND. No is very easy to build.

Here you can see a little video about it ...The brass enclosure are not finish but it works VERY well.


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