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Here you can find how to make a super keyer / interface for the VBAND.

Itt is based on a STm32 Bluepill you can find here

It is VERY fast and you can do QRQ on VBAND without lagging due to the way I did code the USB HID Controller. It go from 8 wpm to 40 wpm without lagging problems !

It is Iambic B with letterspace =  the old ACCU Keyer but I did also "prevent trailing DIT" so it means that it is a mixture between Iambic A and Iambic B - You will like it.

If you do want to use your own Keyer you can use only the interface  - just put A4 to GND and if you want to use the keyer on VBAND just put A5 to GND.

You find the binary file here /sites/default/files/Interface%20_1.elf Version 2020-02-23

You can load it into the blue pill using

Gerber fil/sites/default/files/interface_1%20-%20Bottom%20Copper.gbr

Drill file /sites/default/files/interface_1%20-%20Drill%20Data%20-%20%5BThrough%20Hole%5D.drl

PC15  DIH input with pull up

PB9  DAH input with pull up

A3  Potmeter input from the mittel leg on potmeter . Value can be everyting between 5k and 100k

A4  and A5 connect GND or leave open

A4 OPEN and A5 OPEN = Internal Keyer

A4 to GND and A5 Open = Straight Keyer

A4 OPEN and A% to GND = use keyer in VBAND

B11 Led which show when wordspace are gone

B12 Led show DIH and DAH

PC13 go LOW if key down so you can connet to optocobler or 2n2222 via resistor to key radio

A0 give a 600 Hz pwm you can take to a low pass filter and the a transistor or amplifier to get a tone when key down



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