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The Danish Keyer


I have bulid a lot of keyers and all of them have been on the arduino platform.

This keyer are on a much faster board STM32F7-DISCOVERY. 

I have NEVER seen any other keyer which can decode without any problem what you send with speed 120 wpm ..THIS KEYER CAN !...and it goes higher ..much higher but i can not test that yet my self ;o)

The project are what i think a great QRQ CW KEYER shall bee.

So it mean that there will be some features i do not want to develop, because it is of no use when you do QRQ CW.

If you want to build this keyer you will find it VERY easy to make ...In fact you can be QRV under 1 hour from you unpack the board !


First time the keyer was present was on a HAM MEETING in Odense Denmark November 2015.