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K3NG Rotator Controller via Ethernet

Due to the need for some remote kind of controller for my G-5500 Rotator i did build the K3NG

Used 2 pcs  Atmega 2560 and 2 pcs w5500 Ethernet shields , a joy stick and a I2C LCD and some 2n2222.

Because of K3NG's super code, it was not a big project.

The only issue was to find out how to configure the 2 pcs of software so they play together..

A hint is to program the box at the G-5500 controller - first as a stand alone box and get everything running.

Then you can change the feature to "slave" and then setup the box you shall have in your remote shack.

There is a VERY good wiki   READ IT ;o)

I use Ham Radio Deluxe to manage my beam direction - direct from the logbook - Great setup.

Have fun ...AND THANKS to K3NG ;o)

Rotator controller

Rotator controller

Rotator controller

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