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Working on version 2.0

Take a look here

Find the hex file here 

28-01-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_8.hex  Added CW Font with prosig and failure face

26-01-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_7.hex  addede reset screensaver by touch in upper area of screen

23-01-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_6.hex  added ultimatic and singel dot mode 

21-01-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_5.hex  added no iambic and Bug mode

20-01-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_4.hex  added txon and tune and prepared keyermodes

18-01-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_3.hex   added weight and Dah To Dit Ratio with green default text

18-01-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_2.hex

17-01-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_1.hex    added screen saver after 120 sec. User paddle to restore screen.

16-01-2022 /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO_0.hex

15-01-2022  /sites/default/files/STM32F746G_DISCO.hex

The schematic as it looks right now ...




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